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Avenged Sevenfold | Waking The Fallen: Resurrected by BetweenTheTeardrops
Avenged Sevenfold | Waking The Fallen: Resurrected
My favorite songs: I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 // Eternal Rest // Second Heartbeat.
The live version of "I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 & 2" are amazing!
Avenged Sevenfold | Waking The Fallen: Resurrected by BetweenTheTeardrops
Avenged Sevenfold | Waking The Fallen: Resurrected
Amazing track, just perfect! ...a combination of "Beast And The Harlot" / "And All Things Will End".


BetweenTheTeardrops's Profile Picture
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: FAILURE // Fantastic Planet
Not only did I discover these bands/artists this year, some of them became my favorites immediately and climb my charts rather quickly!

My top 5 would easily be...

Failure by YesterdayMorning
* Failure
- I got addicted to them when I saw TOOL live in March, first heard "Stuck On You" & "The Nurse Who Loved Me" - Fantastic Planet is my most played album now!

... by bedfordblack
* The 1975
- I randomly bought their CD while picking up "Ghost Stories" ...I ended up liking this album a bit more. It's a great record, 10/10. "Settle Down" + "Robbers"!

Coldplay Stamp by RebiValeska
* Coldplay
- I've always been aware of the name but never heard the music itself ...well I finally did ("Warning Sign" got me hooked) and I'm fan of all the albums, including the new one!

Nirvana Nevermind Stamp by I-Rant-Quite-Often
* Nirvana
- For the very first time I looked past the singles and checked out the full discography, so glad I did! They have some hidden gems.

Filter by nailz-dx
* Filter
- I was listening to a lot of "NIN" and this band was recommended, great music overall. "Where Do We Go From Here" + "Take A Picture"!


Other favorites:
"Jon Hopkins" /// "††† (Crosses)" /// "Body Count" /// "My Ticket Home" /// "Dayshell" /// "Lesser Key" /// "My Bloody Valentine" /// "Pity Sex"

my -…
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Nine Inch Nails
(3:00 AM here) ...well it's my second time going to this festival - last time was 2012 with Slipknot.
My main picks on this years lineup are: Avenged Sevenfold / Trivium / Veil of Maya / Asking Alexandria.
As for A7X (my favorite band), this is my second time seeing them since December 2011... finally I get to hear some new songs live.
I hope they play Coming Home, Planets, and This Means War, they should also bring back Burn it Down / Seize the Day / Blinded in Chains.
...all their albums/songs are good, so I guess it doesn't really matter what they pick - I'll enjoy the show anyways!

Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by firsthandsmoke Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by firsthandsmoke [Stamp] Deathbat by Creepiest
Trivium STAMP by 13surgeries Veil of Maya stamp by safva Asking Alexandria Stamp by RecklessKaiser

I'm also interested in: Suicide Silence, Body Count, Korn, & Mushroomhead.
I'll try to get some shots of the bands performing as well. I'm so ready, time for rest... :sleepy:
  • Mood: Caring
  • Listening to: FAILURE
Give these bands a listen, who knows you might like some of them.
I listed their best songs and my favorite album for each.

Failure (check out » "Fantastic Planet")
Recommended songs: Stuck On You - Saturday Saviour - The Nurse Who Loved Me - Solaris - Pitiful - Heliotropic - Blank.
My Favorite: "Another Space Song"

Thursday (check out » "War All The Time")
Recommended songs: Signals Over the Air - Asleep in the Chapel - Steps Ascending - Between Rupture & Rapture - Standing on the Edge of Summer - Understanding in a Car Crash.
My Favorite: "War All The Time"

Filter (check out » "Title of Record")
Recommended songs: Take A Picture - I'm Not the Only One - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do - Jurassitol - Soldiers of Misfortune - Hey Man Nice Shot.
My Favorite: "Where Do We Go From Here"

Stabbing Westward (check out their final album » "Stabbing Westward")
Recommended songs: So Far Away - The Only Thing - Perfect - Haunting Me - Save Yourself - Shame - What Do I Have to Do?
My Favorite: "I Remember"

10 Years (check out » "Division")
Recommended songs: Wasteland - Through the Iris - Actions & Motives - So Long, Goodbye - Fix Me - And All The Other Colors.
My Favorite: "Beautiful"

Ashes Divide (their only album » "Keep Telling Myself It's Alright")
Recommended songs: Ritual - Stripped Away - Denial Waits - Enemies - Too Late.
My Favorite: "The Stone"

Karnivool (check out their most recent release » "Asymmetry")
Recommended songs: Aeons - Eidolon - We Are - The Last Few - Float.
My Favorite: "Sky Machine"

Isis (check out their final album » "Wavering Radiant")
Recommended songs: Ghost Key - Hall of the Dead - Backlit - In Fiction - So Did We.
My Favorite: "20 Minutes / 40 Years"


(May 17 Edit 6:00 PM) - here are some other bands (just two songs each).

After Midnight Project - "Take Me Home" and "The Real Thing".

The Slip - "Suffocation Keep" and "Even Rats".

Dark New Day - "Brother" and "Free".

Autolux - "Plantlife" and "Sugarless".

Textures - "Reaching Home" and "Arms of the Sea".

Mad At Gravity - "Burn" and "Walk Away".

  • Mood: Zest
  • Listening to: UNDERØATH
Tool & Failure tonight - two great rock bands!
I missed them back in 2006 during their 10,000 Days tour.
...not this time, I'm so glad they're back! :D - Fresno, CA!

Tool Stamp by PockyPerson32 Tool Stamp by Oatzy Tool Stamp by josephhaubert
  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: Periphery
What a day... these guys are one of my favorite metal bands. An Ocean Between Us is still one of my favorite metal albums.
I don't understand why Tim would do this. As a fan, I'm sad and disappointed. He was such a nice guy; I met him at Mayhem Festival 2012, very friendly and easy going.
It's sad to see him fall this way... this whole situation sucks, 'cause now he will never find his place back in As I Lay Dying, it just wouldn't be right.
I really hope the band doesn't call it quits or anything, please get a new frontman or go instrumental, I really don't mind. It's the best thing to do now!

A journey making us like weeds, where the wind steals our splendor but spreads it to the distant fields - despite our fragile imperfections.

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